Topic Reading-Vol.2161-3/12/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2161-3/12/2018

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2018/03/12 Topic Reading-Vol.2161-3/12/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

WeChat hits one billion monthly users – are you one of them?

WhatsApp and FB Messenger. Both are owned by Facebook and are the top two instant messaging apps in the world, each with over a billion active users. There are other popular messaging apps like Skype, Viber, Snapchat and LINE that also offer features such as group chats, graphics exchanges, video and audio messages, and stickers and emojis.

In China, none of the above-mentioned apps can be used. Then, how do China’s over 600 million smartphone users exchange messages and photos? WeChat is the leading mobile messaging app in China, with over one billion active users, including overseas subscribers. The basic messaging functions are similar to the ones of other apps, but it does offer much more features and services. It offers services what people need in their daily lives, such as booking taxies or ride sharing, ordering food, making doctor’s appointment, and finding a friend or a date. It is almost like a mobile Internet portal, isn’t it? Furthermore, it provides mobile payments services, like Apple Pay. Once a user uploads their bank account information, they can make payments on products or services via their smartphone almost anywhere, at any shop, and on anything in China. The users no longer have to carry credit cards or even cash these days as stores and service providers like taxi drivers prefer the convenience and safety of the online transaction, rather than cash. You can even pay your traffic ticket to the authority or give some money to a street performer who shows a QR code.

In fact, when you go to China, you may no longer need to exchange your money to Chinese Yuan. Instead, you may want to download WeChat upon your arrival and then bind your credit card to the account. You’ll be free from payment hassles during the stay.

Enjoy reading and learning what a mobile messaging app can do for you.

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