Topic Reading-Vol.2192-4/12/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2192-4/12/2018

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2018/04/12 Topic Reading-Vol.2192-4/12/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

China will fight back ‘at any cost’ – Ministries

China seems firmly determined to counteract the US’s offensive trade sanctions. Immediately after the US announced to consider additional tariffs on Chinese products worth $100 billion, China held a news conference to restate its firm position against any new tariff on Chinese products. The language used in the conference was no longer diplomatic but retaliatory, like the one used in territorial disputes or foreign intervention in its domestic affairs such as human rights.

Unlike daily tweets by the US President, what China announces is firm and well-thought out. When they declare to fight back with all options possible and at any cost, they mean it. What politicians in democratic countries concerned about the most may be next elections and opinion polls. They don’t seem to mind reversing or changing what they said. But that won’t apply to Chinese leaders.

In the meantime, Chinese foreign minister said the relations between China and Russia are the best level in history during his visit to Moscow. Enemy of the enemy is a friend, isn’t it?  

Enjoy reading the article and think how scarcely the situation could be if the word “trade” is removed from the text.

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