Topic Reading-Vol.2223-5/13/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2223-5/13/2018

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2018/05/13 Topic Reading-Vol.2223-5/13/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Alabama ‘miracle’ boy awakes before doctors pull plug

A miracle comeback or a rare misdiagnosis? Just a day before his organs were to be removed to save five other children, this boy himself regained consciousness.

Trenton McKinley, a 13-year old boy in Alabama, USA, suffered severe brain trauma in March when his head was hit by a flipped over utility trailer he was riding on. His parents were told by the doctors that he would never go back to normal again, but his organs could help other children should their organs were transplanted by his.

Though he is still in a long, slow recovery process, he already enjoys talking, walking and reading. He doesn’t remember anything until he regained consciousness but one scene.

Enjoy reading and learning what the boy saw while he was unconscious.

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