Topic Reading-Vol.2225-5/15/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2225-5/15/2018

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2018/05/15 Topic Reading-Vol.2225-5/15/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

The innovation turning desert sand into farmland

Desertification. You may think it’s not an immediate problem to you. But even if the land in your area has enough water to keep the land green and farm now, it may not in the future.

Desertification is underway in many areas. It is the process by which natural or human causes, such as increased drought, deforestation, and intensive farming methods, reduce the biological productivity of drylands. Approximately half of our planet’s ice-free land surface is drylands. Farming such drylands is physically and economically impractical. Thus, among the people who live in such areas, some are wealthy enough to buy foods from other regions, but others live in hunger and poverty. Unfortunately, such infertile land space is expanding nearly half the size of Britain each year while the population of those areas is increasing rapidly. Farming in arid or semi-arid areas is essential. But how?

There is a new innovative farming method that uses just half the amount of water to irrigate the same space of land in the desert.

Enjoy reading and learn how to farm the desert.

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