Topic Reading-Vol.2344-9/11/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2344-9/11/2018

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2018/09/11 Topic Reading-Vol.2344-9/11/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Why becoming more argumentative will make you smarter

Do you like arguing, not to speak angrily to others but to give reasons why you think differently or disagree? When you express your opinion, propose an idea, or present a plan or findings, do you want to hear just applauds or counter-arguments that could help you find flaws or points for improvement? No matter how smart and thoughtful a person is, he or she can’t always come up with the best solutions. Actually, one may find themselves better at assessing or contesting others’ arguments. Indeed, being objectively critical of oneself is hard to achieve. Also, having a diversity of ideas helps one and the team become more productive because one can’t have broader perspectives than many.

So, getting along well in a workplace or a team is essential not only by being nice to others but also being critical and argumentative with others.

Enjoy reading and think if you can be productively argumentative with your colleagues or teammates.

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