Topic Reading-Vol.2352-9/19/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2352-9/19/2018

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2018/09/19 Topic Reading-Vol.2352-9/19/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

How Crete changed the course of World War II?

How much do you know about Crete, Greece? It was once the center of the Minoan civilization back in 28th to 15th BCE, the earliest civilization in Europe, where the palace of Knossos lay.

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the fifth in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies in the southern part of the Aegean Sea separating it from the Libyan Sea. So, it poses considerable geographical and strategic significance during wartime despite the relatively small population and economy. In fact, during World War II, the island was invaded by a large number of Nazis German troops. Although allied forces gave up fighting against the mighty Germans and withdrew from the island, the islanders continued to resist the invader s so fiercely and determinedly until the end of the war that some believe that it deterred the powerful German military from advancing to Soviet.

Because of the battle during the four-year period from the invasion in 1941 until the war ended, there still are numbers of remains of bodies, weapons, and personal items, such as helmets or gravity knives still waiting to be found. There are enthusiastic collectors in the island who want to keep those war-time remains to remember the island’s history and also to show them to generations to come.

History continues.

Enjoy reading and think about the role of history.

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