Topic Reading-Vol.2402-11/8/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2402-11/8/2018

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2018/11/08 Topic Reading-Vol.2402-11/8/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers

Custom KitKat shop opens in Japan

Four scores and five years ago, its father brought forth in London a new confectionary. The unique chocolate-covered wafer bar confection became soon popular in Europe and America. KitKat is now sold by Nestle around the world. Ever since it landed on Japan 1973, Kit Kat has been one of the top-selling chocolate products. There have been over 300 permanent, limited and seasonal flavors, such as ginger ale, soy sauce, green tea, and banana to keep momentum and stimulate impulsive purchase. For Japanese, KitKat sounds like “Kitto Katsu” a phrase meaning “You will surely win.” It is one of the most popular gifts to entrance exam takers, especially in January and February.

Now, a brand-new KitKat chocolatory opened in a busy subway station in Osaka. Shoppers can customize KitKat with their favorite flavor, such as milk, matcha or strawberry flavored white chocolate, and nine toppings including marshmallow, pineapple, cranberry, mango, green raisin, almond, cashew, macadamia, and shredded coconut, and then have it hardened before their eyes by a blast of liquid nitrogen. What a show to watch! Another cool spot to visit in Japan.

Enjoy reading and design your own KitKat, you will win!

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