Topic Reading-Vol.2422-11/28/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2422-11/28/2018

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2018/11/28 Topic Reading-Vol.2422-11/28/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers

South Korea closes largest dog meat slaughterhouse

Though it has never been a mainstream part of the Korean diet throughout history, dog meat has been eaten occasionally but continually. However, as dogs become more popular as a pet rather than as a dish especially among young generations, the demand for dog meat has been declining. Still, there are several hundred restaurants that serve dog meat just in Seoul. It is also estimated that as many as one million dogs are consumed annually in this country with a population of just over 50 million.

Now, the nation’s largest dog slaughterhouse has just been demolished. Advocates of animal rights welcome the move and hope that the custom is going to cease. Restaurants will then have to come up with some alternative delicacy that entices customers who seek something beyond today’s ordinary menu.

But what about pigeon or rabbit meat on French menu? Is it less barbaric to eat such harmless creatures that are also kept as a pet than dog meat?

Enjoy reading and think what eating customs should be valued and preserved in your culture.

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