Topic Reading-Vol.2429-12/5/2018

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Topic Reading-Vol.2429-12/5/2018

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2018/12/05 Topic Reading-Vol.2429-12/5/2018

Dear MEL Topic Readers

How Japan’s corporate culture allows corrupt CEOs to win

Consistency may be one of the words that describe Japan’s corporate culture. Lifetime employment still is one of the commonly practiced, or at least understood, employment standards in Japan. Unlike most of the corporations in capitalist economies, new graduates are usually hired without specific job descriptions or terms of the employment in Japan. Once employed, employees are expected to do what they are assigned to do. In many cases, they continue to work in the same company for a long time, experiencing various jobs and responsibilities and learning to perform better within the organization. While such intra-company career development practice ensures consistency, it doesn’t seem to foster innovative or outward-looking attitudes or culture.

There is no single factor that caused the recent Nissan chairman’s misconducts. There is no one system or practice that ensures flawless corporate governance, either. But having ousted its absolute boss, Nissan has presumably learned a hard lesson.

Enjoy reading and learn what Japan’s employment system is like.

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