Topic Reading-Vol.2460-1/5/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2460-1/5/2019

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2019/01/05 Topic Reading-Vol.2460-1/5/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Venice to charge tourist entry fee for short stays

The central part of a northeastern city in Italy is lived by only around 55,000 residents. But this historical city of art and architecture is visited by as many tourists each day as residents. Situated across 118 small islands that are separated by famous canals and connected by more than 400 bridges, Venice is one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in Europe. You might have seen tourists with cameras/smartphones or newly-wed couples with bouquets riding on gondolas in a photo or video in this World Heritage Site. This overwhelming number of tourists overcrowds the city and causes environmental problems and financial burdens. This floating city is already collecting taxes from hotel occupants as much as €30m annually, but none to day visitors who just stop and go without lodging or stay on a cruise ship. Now, short time visitors are going to be levied an entry fee of up to €10 depending on the season. The question is how such specific tax is going to be charged. Will there be entry points to collect the tax? Will credit cards or online payments be accepted?

How much is too expensive to experience a World Heritage Site? For example, a one-day pass to visit Angkor Wat and nearby monuments costs foreigners $37 dollars.

Enjoy reading and think if such tax or fee could change your mind whether to visit or omit a World Heritage Site in your trip.

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