Topic Reading-Vol.2464-1/9/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2464-1/9/2019

英語で世界を知ろう!Topic Reading

2019/01/09 Topic Reading-Vol.2464-1/9/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Just 6 months of walking may reverse cognitive decline, study says

As you age, part of your brain that helps you get things done declines. It is called the executive function that organizes information and structures it, and also regulates the surroundings and responds to it. Typical examples of executive functions skills are; managing time, paying attention, switching focus, planning and organizing, doing thing based on your experience and avowing doing or saying the wrong thing. Losing such skills sounds very depressing, doesn’t it?

But here is good news. Recent research to adults, averaged around 65 years old, with high blood pressure shows that their executive function skills significantly improved after six months of regular, moderate exercise like walking or cycling. And those who also underwent a controlled diet with less salt, fatty foods, and sweets but with more vegetables, fruits and whole grains showed even higher improvement!

Enjoy reading and think if you want to start doing some regular exercise before being recognized your executive function declining.

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