Topic Reading-Vol.2491-2/5/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2491-2/5/2019

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2019/02/05 Topic Reading-Vol.2491-2/5/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Mobile pay encouraging tourists to spend more

A clear message to businesses that can benefit from increasing Chinese tourists. If you want more deep-pocketed Chinese customers, equip yourself with mobile payment solutions, WeChat Pay or Alipay, ideally both. They are now so accustomed to using mobile payment in their daily lives in their homeland so that they prefer shops and restaurants that accept mobile payment when they travel abroad. Think of the benefits of being listed as recommended on Chinese tourist websites or SNS message boards, or the risk not appearing on the list. They tend to flock to places where other Chinese tourists go to or recommend. Also, they say they would spend more if stores accept mobile payment not only because they are their preferred payment method but also they carry an only limited amount of cash with them!

Enjoy reading and think if there will be a day when “WeChat Pay or Alipay?” becomes a standard question to any customers or shoppers around the world.

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