Topic Reading-Vol.2492-2/6/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2492-2/6/2019

英語で世界を知ろう!Topic Reading

2019/02/06 Topic Reading-Vol.2492-2/6/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Humanics; A way to robot-proof your career?

The world is already changing with AI and robotics. For example, in the late last century, factor automation transformed the way cars are assembled and painted. Now, humans only do what machines or robots can’t do efficiently. So, the roles of humans in auto factories have changed dramatically from how Henry Ford designed his mass production line. As a result, programming and maintenance skill are needed to paint cars instead of painting skills.

So, when cars are driven automatically, should drivers still need to learn to drive a car? Will there be a driver’s seat in a car in the first place?

This is what’s going on in workplaces in the very near future, if not now. You may wonder what jobs will survive in your days at work. How to prepare for days working with both humans and machines and when their roles are constantly changing, you need different education, skills, and mindsets.

After all, we’ve been managing such role changes ever since the first industrial revolution took place in the 18th century. The big difference is things are changing much faster than ever before.

Enjoy reading and learn what is needed to cope with such drastic changes.

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