Topic Reading-Vol.2503-2/17/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2503-2/17/2019

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2019/02/17 Topic Reading-Vol.2503-2/17/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

TSA finds 10 loaded guns a day in carry-on bags

Each day last year, about 10 loaded guns were seized before boarding at 249 airports in the U.S., according to the Transportation Security Administration. Atlanta alone, the world’s busiest airport, nearly 300 guns were found and confiscated at the security checkpoints.

You probably know that guns, ranging from small handguns to military-grade machine guns, can be purchased, owned, and used legally in the U.S. And in any state, either permitted or qualified individuals are allowed to carry concealed weapons in public. However, a firearm of any kind or ammunition is not allowed to be brought in any commercial flight unless it is carried by an authorized agent with permission. Of course. You can’t go through a security gate even with a bottle of water nowadays. In other cases, guns must be declared and stored in a hard-sided, locked case as checked baggage.

But why so many people are trying to bring their guns to the cabin? Are they worried about the security or determined to use their weapon at some point?

Enjoy reading and think how many loaded guns might have been being carried into the cabin without being discovered in the US daily.

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