Topic Reading-Vol.2504-2/18/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2504-2/18/2019

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2019/02/18 Topic Reading-Vol.2504-2/18/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Iran marks 40 years since Islamic Revolution with nostalgia and threats

Four decades ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran was established after two years of demonstrations and campaigns to throw out the western installed monarch. Despite the name, the Islamic Revolution, or Iranian Revolution, left relatively a small number of casualties for the size of the country during the period. After then-exiled religious leader, Khomeini returned from France, a new theocratic-republican constitution was formed, and the nation was reborn. Since then, the clerically ruled Islamic country seems to have been getting continuing steadfast support and loyalty from its 80-million inhabitants despite the hardship caused by the US-led economic sanctions and corruption and cronyism of their own regime. Their accumulated hatred of the U.S. seems to have helped the theocratic nation endure long lasting hardship.

Enjoy reading and learn what the Islamic Revolution was about and how the forty-year anniversary is commemorated in Iran.

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