Topic Reading-Vol.2528-3/14/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2528-3/14/2019

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2019/03/14 Topic Reading-Vol.2528-3/14/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

There’s now only one Blockbuster left on the planet

Blockbuster is a US-based video and video game rental service provider that once had over 9,000 stores in the world, with more than half of them located in the US. However, after its peak in 2004, the brick-and-mortar business model became deteriorated due to the competition from mail-order service, automated kiosks, and later on-demand per-per-view or subscription streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. There were only 1,700 stores remaining when the company filed bankruptcy in 2010. Now, only one store still remains in business in central Oregon, US after the last store in Australia closed its doors.  

How rapidly the video/DVD renting business had flourished and shrunk! Similarly, as recorded audio media shifted from the vinyl record, cassette tape, CD, Mini Disk (MD, if you remember), USB, to streaming, the way people enjoy music and the device they used also changed accordingly and rapidly. The same is true for photos and phones. Today’s popular media or device may become obsolete a decade later.

Enjoy reading and learn how soon a video rental chain store grew and shrunk.

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