Topic Reading-Vol.2598-5/23/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2598-5/23/2019

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2019/05/23 Topic Reading-Vol.2598-5/23/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Parking fees in Beijing to be tied to drivers’ credit

China is so advanced in the use of high-tech tools, such as smartphone, facial recognition, surveillance video, and drone. For example, Alibaba’s Sesame Credit is a credit scoring service that is integrated with the Alipay app. The rating system is based not only on purchases and other financial transactions through the app but also from social media interactions and personal profile. Those who have high scores can enjoy faster and more advantageous financial and commercial services, such as loans and special offers. This kind of credit rating is becoming more common and influential and is now used as a social, financial, and even personal reference of the user.

Now, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport has introduced a monitoring and charging system for its public parking spots. A car parked along the street is monitored by an overhead electric device, and the driver is billed via an app which can be paid through the app. If the driver misses the due date, he or she will receive a text reminder, and if the driver still hasn’t paid within a set time, they will be fined, and their driver’s credit will be negatively affected. Everything is done automatically.

Wherever and whenever a person is and whatever he or she does, they are not free from being monitored and rated these days. It seems quite transparent and fair to everyone, but …

Enjoy reading the article and learn about the innovative use of new technologies.

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