Topic Reading-Vol.2616-6/10/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2616-6/10/2019

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2019/06/10 Topic Reading-Vol.2616-6/10/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Meet the photographer documenting life on the Korean Peninsula’s DMZ

After the deadliest three-year war, which killed millions of soldiers and civilians, a 250-kilometer-long, four-kilometer-wide restricted area was established in 1953 between North Korea and South Korea. It still is the most heavily guarded border in the world as the two Korean states are technically still at war. Even though South Korean side of the guard post is visited by over a million civilians annually, inside the militarized zone is almost free from human interference or interaction, save occasional defectors from the north. Sure enough, anyone who attempts to go across the DMZ, where estimated over two million landmines are laid, will be shot from the back.

Because of the very little human interference, Korean Demilitarized Zone is now the most heavily protected sanctuary for numerous wildlife species. For example, thousands of White-naped and red-crowned cranes rest at a reservoir and fly over the Hantan River, where other wild birds like eagles, swans, and ducks are also around to find food.

Indeed, peace is preserved in this sanctuary as armed soldiers from both sides are there 24-7 to prevent any humans to enter.

Enjoy reading the articles and watch the videos and photos to learn about this 66-year-old demilitarized zone.

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