Topic Reading-Vol.2618-6/12/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2618-6/12/2019

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2019/06/12 Topic Reading-Vol.2618-6/12/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

What to wear on Mars: A look at the future of spacesuit technology

Space travel is becoming a reality, from reaching low Earth orbit to flying around the Moon or even landing on Mars. But when you set out on a space trip, what should you wear? Though the dress code is simply a proper spacesuit, the specifications, appearance, and comfortability all vary depending on where you are traveling to and what you are doing there. If you’re simply taking a short suborbital trip to see the Earth and experience zero-gravity in the cabin, you can wear a relatively stylish, not-so-clumsy one. But if you want to walk on Mars, you’ll need a puffy, fully featured life-supporting suit to endure extreme temperatures and toxic environment, according to NASA.

In the meantime, private enterprises are also working on more comfortable spacesuits. BioSuit is one of such designs. It’s not as puffy as conventional spacesuits because it applies pressure directly to the skin. Will there be branded spacesuit in the future, such as Gucci, Zara or Muji?

Whatever spacesuit you might be wearing, it’ll be the same one with others onboard. But don’t worry about the price, your space trip will be all-inclusive.

Enjoy reading the article and imagine how you will feel and look in a spacesuit.

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