Topic Reading-Vol.2619-6/13/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2619-6/13/2019

英語で世界を知ろう!Topic Reading

2019/06/13 Topic Reading-Vol.2619-6/13/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Ultraprocessed foods are easy, cheap and could be killing you

To avoid health risks, choosing foods by ingredients isn’t enough. You also need to pay attention to how the food is prepared, according to new studies. The more processed the food is, the higher the risk of cardiovascular disease seems to be.

Fruits, milk, eggs, meats, seafood, yogurt, grains are considered unprocessed or minimally processed foods, and they are thought to be harmless. But while cheese, bread, wine, and traditional ham are processed foods, sausages, mayonnaise, chips, pizza, cookies, chocolates, artificially sweetened drinks are classified as ultra-processed foods. These heavily processed foods are found to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and early death because they are rich in unhealthy fat, too much sugar, and salt, but poor in healthy nutrients. Another problem is that these industrial foods are not only more profitable for the producers and sellers but also convenient and palatable for consumers. So, even if the physical and chemical characteristics of these foods are clarified and known to people, they may not be avoided so easily. Also, in developing countries, as more convenience stores and supermarkets appear, more packaged foods will be found on the shelves and in the freezers.

Environmentally, these industrial foods are packed in single-use plastic materials.

Enjoy reading the article and think about what you should be having for lunch or dinner today.

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