Topic Reading-Vol.2644-7/8/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2644-7/8/2019

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2019/07/08 Topic Reading-Vol.2644-7/8/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Makeup fridges a hot item among youth

Why not? If there are specially designed refrigerators like a wine cooler and kimchi fridge, it may make sense to have one dedicated for cosmetic products, such as masks, creams, and perfumes. In fact, makeup fridges are getting popular among appearance-conscious young Chinese. These fridges are specially designed to store small cosmetic products at a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room. Unlike conventional food refrigerators, makeup fridges are colorful and fashionable as they are placed where the user do their makeup. Though they may need electricity and more space, they also help the user organize a variety of products.

Is it necessary to keep cosmetics cool in the first place? Well, users of such fridge want to look and feel cool for sure. Apply a chilled facial mask, you’ll feel cool instantly even though you will not look cool until you remove it.

Enjoy reading the article and think if there is anything else you want to keep at a cool temperature.

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