Topic Reading-Vol.2648-7/12/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2648-7/12/2019

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2019/07/12 Topic Reading-Vol.2648-7/12/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

What to drink to help you sleep

What do you avoid eating or drinking after dinner to enjoy a sound sleep? Those who are sensitive to caffeine try to refrain from taking caffeine-rich drinks like coffee, green tea, and some soda.

Then does sweet chocolate that you may find on the bed in your hotel room get you a sweet dream? Sorry. It also contains caffeine. You also need to brush your teeth again.

What about a nightcap? Milk, whether warm or not, might be of some help but definitely not alcohol. It only helps you fall asleep but disrupts your sleep quality.

One thing seems to be sure. None of the things in your hotel room, in the fridge or minibar, helps you sleep better but water. Yes, water. You certainly want to be adequately hydrated when you go to bed.

Whether it’s psychological or biological, try whatever helps and avoid whatever disrupts your sound sleep.

Enjoy reading the article and think which of the tips you may want to try tonight.

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