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2019/07/07 卒業生からのメッセージ

2019年6月30日に創立13周年を迎えたMEL School。すでに社会で活躍している卒業生もたくさんいます。今年も何人かの卒業生が就職の報告に来てくれました。





Please tell us about yourself. 自己紹介をお願いします

My name is Rina Kaneda and I’m currently studying at Keio University majoring in Modern Chinese Economy. When I was a 2nd-year high school student, I transferred from Kokugakuin Kugayama to Li Po Chun United World College in Hong Kong. Starting next year, I’m going to work at a financial advisory firm. I’ve had a wide range of interests till now and it’s been a tough year trying to find which area to start my first career in. To be honest, Finance was the last thing in my mind when I was studying at MEL School. It was a pleasure exploring a lot of opportunities there and the English skills I acquired at MEL School certainly enabled me to have this many choices.



来年から金融コンサルタントとしての仕事を始めます。色々なことに興味があったので就職活動では悩みました。金融系の仕事はMEL Schoolに通っていた頃には全く頭にありませんでした。MEL Schoolでの学びを通じ、英語力はもちろん様々な発見があったことで選択肢の幅を広げることができたと思っています。


  1. What do you think has influenced you most in making what you are now?


I think my UWC experience has influenced me most in making me what I am now. I learned to be tough and open minded there. It’s really hard to list up what I’ve learned there but the key thing that makes UWC so special is its “DMC” which stands for Deep Meaningful Conversation. In Japan, people tend to avoid sensitive personal topics. At UWC, we climbed up a rooftop after midnight and had DMC with friends. We shared good and bad times together with tears and smiles. Through getting to know about their different backgrounds, I became more tolerant to different points of view. It’s been 4 years since I came back to Japan, but I still don’t feel as comfortable as I was at UWC. Boarding school is definitely a life-long experience.

人間としての強さと人を受け入れる気持ちを持つことの重要性をUWCで学びました。UWCでは数え切れないほどの貴重な経験をしましたが、その中でも「DMC」から得るものが私にとっては一番大きかったです。日本では個人的なことを話すことはあまり一般的ではないかもしれません。DMCとは対話をお互いに深めていくことで自分の考えに対し新たな発見をしたり、周りの人の物事への考え方を学んだりするものです。UWCにいた頃は校舎の屋上で真夜中まで泣いたり笑ったりしながら色々なことをとことん話し合いました。生い立ちの違いなどから物事の見方が人によって異なることを学んだことで、自分とは異なる意見を受け入れることができるようになったと思います。日本に戻ってから4年経ちますが、UWC にいた頃のような解放された気持ちでの対話をする環境が少ないのは残念です。全寮制の学校に身を置くことは一生の宝になると思っています。


  1. What do you think MEL students should focus on when they are in high school?

MEL Schoolの高校生にアドバイスをお願いします

Academic studies are definitely a priority if students are aiming for top schools/or professional occupations, but I guess MEL students should also focus on being sensitive about what is going on in society. In other words, be curious. The easiest way is catching up with the news either via TV news, papers or online. But the information which they passively receive won’t help them enough to shape their own opinion. So here I suggest some other simple ways for those who don’t like reading.

When you are walking outside, try to notice some small changes around you. Maybe panels are constantly being replaced and a new shop appears. Or maybe a certain political party/industry shows a strong presence. There is always a reason behind the move and it’s fun to think about the potential correlation. Think about why and how a certain stakeholder stays successful while other competitors can’t. In order to build a hypothesis, History, Politics, Geography, Economics, Law and other areas of knowledge are naturally required and function as its core. I guess that is why academic studies are important in life.

Fermi Estimation is also an effective way for those who are good at simple math. Fermi Estimation definitely helps to train logical thinking skill. For example, estimate the number of tapioka milk teas (bubble tea) sold in Harajyuku per day. In this way, they can be actively aware of everyday life.

In conclusion, MEL students should focus on getting to know about real world. Otherwise, they may have regrets after deciding which University/faculty to apply for. I hope that they become more conscious of all the choices available to them by being curious every day.








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