Topic Reading-Vol.2736-10/8/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2736-10/8/2019

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2019/10/08 Topic Reading-Vol.2736-10/8/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Uber’s new helicopter service is an expensive, time-consuming adventure
Uber is a San Francisco based multinational ride-sharing company that offers transportation services such as peer-to-peer ridesharing, ride service hailing, bicycle-sharing, and food delivery services. You can order a ride via their app that shows fares quoted by their contracted drivers. So, prices for the same route vary based on the supply (drivers) and demand (passengers) for rides at the time the ride is requested. After the ride, you can pay the driver by the pre-selected method like a credit card or mobile payment like Google Pay or PayPal. You can also rate the driver for the service, including the driving, attitude, and cleanliness. All in all, the core value of the ride-hailing service, such as economy, quality, and convenience, is based on competition and customer reviews.
Now while its stock price is hovering near an all-time low, Uber launched a helicopter service that transports passengers from downtown Manhattan to JFK airport. Though the international airport sits only 35 kilometers from the busy downtown, it could take over an hour by car in busy hours. So, flying to avoid ground traffic may make sense to busy travelers. The eight-minute ride takes eight minutes and $205, much faster at twice the price of a conventional Uber ride. Is the price too expensive to save your time or to enjoy the magnificent view? Just be reminded that the price to fly to JFK is per person, not per ride for a family. So, it’s the matter of how many persons and what time you are flying, as well as how long it takes to the helipad from your location in Manhattan.
Enjoy reading the article and watching the video and think if it has to be Uber to fly to the airport.

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