Topic Reading-Vol.2767-11/8/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2767-11/8/2019

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2019/11/08 Topic Reading-Vol.2767-11/8/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Russia rolls out its ‘sovereign internet.’ Is it building a digital Iron Curtain?

“Free Internet” signs on hotel booking sites could mean differently by country. Even though there is no charge to access the Internet, you may not have free access to “the Internet.” For example, in some countries, some of the news sites or articles are blocked for access. In China, you can’t access Google search or BBC news site. Also, a great deal of web sites and SNS interactions are censored and blocked if they are found unsafe or improper in the communist state. It is called “the Great Firewall of China.”

Russia seems to follow the suit even more thoroughly to censor the web traffic. A new law, so-called “sovereign internet law”, was put in effect as of November 1st to control internet traffic and detect content. Now all internet providers in Russia are required to install special hardware provided by a Russian telecom agency. The aim of the new law and requirements were said to protect the country from cyberattacks from foreign powers. Sounds like a Digital Iron Curtain was erected in Russia’s cyberspace, which seems to take less manpower to monitor web traffic than China’s Great Firewall.

Will this be a new trend to govern the cyber space?

Enjoy reading the article and think what free Internet means now.

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