Topic Reading-Vol.2768-11/9/2019

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Topic Reading-Vol.2768-11/9/2019

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2019/11/09 Topic Reading-Vol.2768-11/9/2019

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

What it’s really like to live with obesity or identify as fat

Is one’s body size the only indicator of their health or happiness? Though obesity is known to increase one’s risk of having physical conditions like obesities, that doesn’t really mean the person is lazy or unhappy, or their stomach is oversized, and appetite is outrageous. In fact, there are both nature and nurture causes for one’s weight. Yet hundreds of genes are responsible for one’s body weight that cannot be controlled by the person’s will, lifestyle or physical activities, they are often regarded as lazy or a bad eater. Accordingly, those whose weight is beyond “normal” feel embarrassed, isolated, or even discriminated. Also, nurture, such as culture, education, lifestyle, and self-disciplines, plays a role in one’s weight, too. But there are a lot of other people whose weight are normal despite their lousy lifestyle or terrible eating habit. If you look at a fast-food restaurant or junk-food stand, are all the customers are fat?

Then, how do those people with overweight live and enjoy their lives?

Enjoy reading the article to learn what they feel about their weight.

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