Topic Reading-Vol.2830-1/10/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2830-1/10/2020

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2020/01/10 Topic Reading-Vol.2830-1/10/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Japanese businessman spends $1.8 million on massive tuna

At the first auction each year at Tokyo’s largest fish market, Toyosu, the successor of the famous Tsukiji market, some bidders try to get an iconic item like tuna at however high the price is. This year, a businessman who owns and runs a chain of over 50 sushi restaurants in Japan spent 1.8 million dollars for a bluefin tuna. Since the tuna weighed 276 kilograms, he paid about 6,500 dollars per kilogram, or 65 dollars per 10 grams, just about a piece of sashimi, including non-edible bone.

He surely pleased the fisherman who caught the tuna. But will his customers have to pay the price, or is that part of his PR activities? In either case, he didn’t spend as much as he did last year. It was 3.1 million dollars last year for nearly the same size of tuna. Presumably, he was ready to pay more than 1.8 million dollars this year. He may keep the saving for next year’s auction. Will there be a counter bidder next year?

Enjoy reading the article and learn about how serious to get and serve the first tuna of the year in Japan.

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