Topic Reading-Vol.2872-2/21/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2872-2/21/2020

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2020/02/21 Topic Reading-Vol.2872-2/21/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Cookies crumbling as Google phases them out

Every move or request on your browser is sent to the server and recorded. It is usually used to tell if the request came from the same browser, which keeps the user logged-in, so that he or she doesn’t have to be identified every time they click or touch on the website. Such information that is sent back to the server is called cookie. Cookies can also be used to record and analyze user behavior and preferences. For example, if someone searches dog food a few times, he or she will be shown ads for pet food, toys, and insurance constantly. While some may find it helpful, this is also regarded as an infringement of privacy and the practice is regulated in the EU and other countries. For example, EU privacy laws state that consent for cookies must be clearly shown and informed. However, most of the sites are found to show such information almost unreadable or inaccessible, and user choice to reject it is hardly visible. In order to protect privacy rights, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla have banned third-party cookies for some time and now Google, the largest browser Chrome’s provider, is going to restrict the number of advertising cookies on websites.

Cookies may no longer be so sweet for advertisers.

Enjoy reading the article and learn how cookies are being used.

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