Topic Reading-Vol.2921-4/10/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2921-4/10/2020

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2020/04/10 Topic Reading-Vol.2921-4/10/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Drive-through funerals are being held in the epicenter of Spain’s coronavirus pandemic

Madrid is the capital of Spain and is also the epicenter of COVID-19, accounting for 40% of the nation’s coronavirus deaths. As so many more people are dying every day, funeral and burying resources, such as hearses, priests, and gravediggers, are all stretched to the limit. But the most difficult ones are those who are left by the dead. Because of the strict restrictions by the government, only as many as five mourners are allowed to pay their final respect. But they are not allowed to see or touch their loved one or even the casket. In fact, the quick service is held outside the church building while the casket is still inside the hearse. You don’t want to send your loved one like this drive-through funeral.

In Spain alone, over 13,000 people have died only in a few weeks, the second most deaths after Italy in Europe. A very difficult time, indeed.

Read the article and watch the video and learn what’s it’s like to send your loved one in such an unusual way.

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