Topic Reading-Vol.2934-4/23/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2934-4/23/2020

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2020/04/23 Topic Reading-Vol.2934-4/23/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Meet the 73-year-old ‘skipping Sikh’ raising money to fight the coronavirus crisis

It does not have to be a celebrity or politician to raise money to help fight the outbreak of coronavirus. In the UK, Thomas Moore, a 99-year-old retired army officer completed 100 laps of his garden in time for his 100th birthday in an attempt to raise £1,000 for National Health Service. He ended up raising £26.2 million in a few weeks.

A younger British civilian, 73-year old Rajinder Singh, is trying to raise money and also to encourage people at home to keep fit during the lockdown by showing videos of his exercises. “The skipping Sikh” went viral on social media. As Sikh temples have been forced to close down during the lockdown, Singh and his close friends have been isolated for some time. So, he combined two of his passions in short videos, sport and helping others. He also shows off other in-room and in-yard exercises in videos. He hopes to walk along with Tom Moore when the lockdown is lifted.

Enjoy reading the article and seeing the video and think about what you can do to help others during these difficult times.

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