Topic Reading-Vol.2935-4/24/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2935-4/24/2020

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2020/04/24 Topic Reading-Vol.2935-4/24/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Climate change: US megadrought ‘already under way’

Megadrought is a long-lasting naturally occurring drought that lasts decades. It seems to occur in North America when water temperatures in the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean become cooler than normal, known as La Niña conditions. Researchers think there were four megadroughts in the western US for the last 12 centuries, in the late 800s, the mid-1100s, the 1200s, and the late 1500s. Historically, megadroughts forced the residents in the affected area to migrate to other places, which could have collapsed civilizations like the Khmer Empire of Cambodia and the Mayan of Mesoamerica.

Now, some researchers say a new megadrought has been taking place in the western US since the new millennium. Though megadrought is a naturally occurring event, the severity could be affected by climate change. Since temperatures in the western US have risen by 1.2C since the year 2000, more moisture is being pulled out of the ground.

By the way, how do researchers know what drought conditions were like in the past?

Enjoy reading the article and learn about megadrought, and also think if you want to stock up California almonds, raisins, and wines.

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