Topic Reading-Vol.2937-4/26/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2937-4/26/2020

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2020/04/26 Topic Reading-Vol.2937-4/26/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

The reason Zoom calls drain your energy

Work from home, online class, web meeting, video interview, and web party and happy-hour, video conferences are on the rise. To support such video meetings, there are casual apps like House Party, Google Hangouts and Zoom, as well as business tools like Cisco’s Webex, Microsoft’s Teams or San Jose-based BlueJeans easily available and widely being used.

But if you ever have taken part in a video event, you might have found it more tiring than face-to-face events even in a short time. There are several factors that seem to make the participants more intense and stressful than in-person interactions. For example, you are watched just like you watch others entirely during the meeting that’s because unlike physical meetings, no one sits beside or behind you but in front of you. Also, silence becomes more pressing in a video meeting than a face-to-face conference. You naturally try to be more performative than usual and end up finding exhausted. Also, work from home means everything happens in the same enclosed space with the same members almost all the time, who usually spend their time in different places.

It seems to be the time to reset workplace wellbeing under this very different work and living environment.

Enjoy reading the article and think about how you are going to manage online interactions.

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