Topic Reading-Vol.2940-4/29/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2940-4/29/2020

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2020/04/29 Topic Reading-Vol.2940-4/29/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Stressed pets: How to stop it now and when you go back to work

Recently, many pet owners are staying home all day because of the pandemic. These people may feel grateful to be with their beloved pet(s) longer than usual especially when they are frustrated by having been confined too long and worried about the future. They tend to give more attention and affection to their pets than usual. But do those pets really enjoy being with their owners so long every day?

According to experts, pet dogs or cats become more frustrated when they stay unusually longer time especially with children, who tend to bother their peace. Interestingly, pet animals have their own routine and way of enjoying their lives when their human companions are out. But they could be stressed when they are attended or annoyed in the supposedly solitary time.

Also, pet owners should know that when they are depressed or frustrated, their pets feel that, too, which could make those animals feel stressed.

The key to peace is routine for pet animals, just like humans. After all, most of the pet owners will go back to the old routine sooner or later, if they are fortunate.

Enjoy reading the article and learn how pets feel when their owners are around all day.

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