Topic Reading-Vol.2951-5/10/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2951-5/10/2020

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2020/05/10 Topic Reading-Vol.2951-5/10/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Coronavirus: Can live-streaming save China’s economy?

After the weeks of lockdown, Wuhan, once the epicenter of the coronavirus, is trying to revive its economy. But how? With nearly 800 million smartphone users in the country, the quickest and most impactful yet most economical way to promote a product/service is Douyin, China’s original version of TikTok. The short streaming video platform is used by both those who want to present something and those who want to find something attractive. It has been used widely for sales promotion, new product launch, and public relations. In fact, big-ticket items like a Boeing 747 and even a rocket launch was sold via this platform, thanks to so-called online celebrities. They are powerful influencers with millions of followers who are willingly spread the message to others. Surprisingly, those influencers aren’t popular stars or models but just ordinary citizens.

Now, usually conservative government/party officials are also trying to jump on the bandwagon to revitalize virus-hit Wuhan’s economy by taking part in live-streaming videos to promote local products. And you know what? It seems to have worked!

Enjoy reading the article about China’s pragmatic party officials and online celebrities who are trying to stimulate and revitalize the hard-hit economy.

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