Topic Reading-Vol.2954-5/13/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2954-5/13/2020

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2020/05/13 Topic Reading-Vol.2954-5/13/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Coronavirus leaves the Gulf’s migrant workers in limbo, with no income and no easy way out

Oil-rich Gulf nations, such as the United Arab Emirates, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia have been relying heavily on millions of migrant workers to develop and sustain their economies. There are as many as 20 million migrant workers administered in the region. In fact, foreigners outnumber national citizens by a large degree in these countries. Those workers came from South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Philippines where well-paid job opportunities are limited for uneducated or unskilled workers.

Now, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of these migrant workers are stranded and quarantined in labor camps unemployed and unpaid. These overcrowded compounds are thought to be hotbeds of the pandemic as many workers share small rooms, toilets, showers, and kitchens. They are now hoping to be repatriated to their homes, but chances are slim as very few commercial flights are flying in the region. They have no choice but to sit and wait to be sent home or employed again with little to eat.

They repatriated money to their homes but now they are waiting to be repatriated.

Read the article and watch the video to learn about the migrant workers who had been helping and sustaining the economy and prosperity of the gulf nations.

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