Topic Reading-Vol.2998-6/26/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.2998-6/26/2020

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2020/06/26 Topic Reading-Vol.2998-6/26/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Thai pilot, grounded by Covid-19, shifts to motorbike food deliveries

So many people usually work at airport facilities, such as cleaning, service, ticketing, securities, baggage handling, maintenance, guiding and dispatching as well as those who work for the vendors that provide goods, food, and consumables. Also, numbers of aircrew, like pilots and flight attendants, are usually onboard commercial aircraft. Now, most of the air travels are either suspended or cut, what are the lives of these workers? Some were laid off and others are on leave with a severe pay cut. They are desperate to get their jobs back soon, but the chances aren’t so likely. Still, bills keep coming as if nothing has happened and daily necessities must be bought. As most of the face-to-face businesses are suspended or shifted to online or virtual alternatives, there aren’t so many new jobs available out there. But there are a few businesses that are in high demand like delivery services. And that is where a grounded Thai pilot found a temporary job to feed his family. He’s now riding his motorbike on the road to deliver food to customers instead of flying an airplane to carry passengers. Though his income shrank significantly, he is still making some money. In fact, he might be fortunate to have a vehicle to do his business.

Remember, the airline industry had been one of the most prospective businesses before the pandemic, especially in Asia. And he did nothing wrong. Never say never.

Read the article and think about how those affected workers are making their living.

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