Topic Reading-Vol.3004-7/2/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3004-7/2/2020

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2020/07/02 Topic Reading-Vol.3004-7/2/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

At least 83 people killed during lightning strikes across Indian state

Although nearly 70% of the nation’s population work in farms, India’s farmlands are rarely irrigated and thus depend on rainfalls to water their crops, especially cotton, rice, oilseeds, and other grains. And almost 80% of India’s precipitation comes during the Indian Subcontinental Monsoon, usually between July and September depending on the region. So, the timing for seeding is very critical for farmers. If they seed too late, heavy monsoon rain will wash out the crops and if they seed too early, hot and dry weather will kill the crops. On June 25, a lot of farmers were working outside preparing their fields when lightning struck widely in the north-eastern state of Bihar and killed at least 83 of them. Also, more than 20 people were reported dead in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh. Even though over 2,000 people are killed by lightning each year in India, it was a big hit to record more than 100 casualties in a single day.

A standard compensation of $5,300 will be paid to each family who has lost their loved ones.

Read the article and imagine what it is like to lose this many people each year only by lightning.

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