Topic Reading-Vol.3011-7/9/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3011-7/9/2020

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2020/07/09 Topic Reading-Vol.3011-7/9/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Balloon trips to the edge of space by 2021

Space travel by a balloon? Indeed. you can enjoy 360-degree views from 30 kilometers above the surface, about three times higher than the cruising altitude of a commercial flight. A human space flight company in Florida designed a hydrogen balloon that lifts eight travelers for a six-hour space-view trip, which consists of a gentle ascent, 360-degree magnificent view time, and slow descent to the ocean, each of which takes two hours. You don’t have to worry about enduring the G-force to go up or overly thrilling fall from the sky. The price tag for this gentle space trip is $125,000, which doesn’t sound too expensive considering the unparalleled experience. You could take your family for a vacation or have a wedding party. The capsule is five meters in diameter and equipped with a unique toilet. Unlike the ones on spacecraft or airplane, it offers the best view in the known universe, the company claims.

An unmanned test flight of this casual space trip is scheduled next year.

Enjoy reading the article and seeing the photos and think if you want to start saving money for this balloon trip.

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