Topic Reading-Vol.3028-7/26/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3028-7/26/2020

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2020/07/26 Topic Reading-Vol.3028-7/26/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Missing Kansas dog makes 50-mile trip to old home in Missouri

A four-year-old female Labrador, named Cleo, had been missing from her home for several days. Luckily, the dog was implanted a microchip that identifies personal information including her owner, so several days later when the dog was found on the pouch of someone else’s home, her owner was identified. Since the owner of the dog posted a missing dog appeal on Facebook, they were contacted by the owner of the house where the dog was found. Sounds like a good but ordinary story, doesn’t it? But the dog was found 80 kilometers away from her current owner’s home. And the house where she was found was her house until they moved away two years ago! Did she forget her present house and went to her old one? No one knows why and how the dog walked to her old house by crossing busy streets and rivers for 80 km.

Enjoy reading the article and learn how capable dogs are to trace something.

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