Topic Reading-Vol.3041-8/8/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3041-8/8/2020

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2020/08/08 Topic Reading-Vol.3041-8/8/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

US firearms purchases skyrocket during pandemic, according to FBI records

In America, any adult can buy firearms if they pass the background check that is conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI. Therefore, this firearm background check is a good indicator to show how many firearms are being purchased. And the FBI saw a record 3.9 million firearm transactions in June alone and 3.6 million in July, nearly 80% more than the previous year. Why are Americans buying more guns in such a time of difficulty? They tend to buy more guns when a deadly shooting incident occurs, maybe because they want to protect themselves more or stock up their guns before stricter gun regulations take place. This year, gun sales also sparked in March to 3.7 million. It seems that Americans are buying more guns when the coronavirus infections surge. Indeed, their lives are threatened by an agent, but are Americans trying to protect themselves by guns instead of face masks or social distancing? Has the $600 weekly Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance been boosting gun sales?

Read the article and think if it is effective to protect yourself with firearms when hundreds of people have been dying each day by the novel virus.

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