Topic Reading-Vol.3085-9/21/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3085-9/21/2020

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2020/09/21 Topic Reading-Vol.3085-9/21/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Qantas offers a seven-hour flight to nowhere
While most travelers, whether on business or leisure, taking a flight is a measure to get to the destination, some people just want to fly to experience unusual environment and time. Unfortunately, most of the international flights from and to Australia are currently not in service due to travel restrictions. So, to entice pleasure fliers, Australia’s proud airline, Qantas, is flying a seven-hour scenic flight from Sydney to Sydney on October 10, covering Queensland, the Gold Coast, outback heartland, and the Great Barrier Reef, including a low flyover over some landmarks. Sounds exciting? Only 134 tickets for business, premium economy, and economy class were on sale, and believe or not, they all sold within 10 minutes despite what they look like regular fares. Did they charge any premium on window seats?
A boarding pass of Flight QF787 from SYD to SYD on 10/10/2020 may become premium.
Enjoy reading the article and think if you are interested in such a scenic flight.

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