Topic Reading-Vol.3087-9/23/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3087-9/23/2020

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2020/09/23 Topic Reading-Vol.3087-9/23/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
Google says its carbon footprint is now zero
No business can be run without a carbon footprint. Even if all the electricity a company uses was generated by solar or wind power, the construction of the facility or production of those power generators and batteries emit greenhouse gasses. Also, even if all the employees commute by trains or electric vehicles, or work from home, electricity is consumed, which could have been generated by burning fossil fuel. However, rich companies like Google can offset their emission by planting trees or investing in green projects. Though it still leaves a carbon footprint in some way or another, a commitment to achieve zero carbon footprint is admirable, especially by a globally influential company like Google, which uses substantial electricity for its data centers. The competitors and other companies have no choice but to follow the suit to meet the new business standards and expectations. Indeed. To be competitive in advanced technologies, high-tech companies seem to need to advance in the environmental field as well.
Enjoy reading the article and learn about new Google’s move to the next level.

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