Topic Reading-Vol.3088-9/24/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3088-9/24/2020

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2020/09/24 Topic Reading-Vol.3088-9/24/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,
A London coffee shop is charging $64 for its premium brew — here’s what it tastes like
Are you a coffee drinker? If so, how do you drink coffee? Do you drink coffee mainly to get caffeine, taste it condiments like milk, cream, sugar, or cinnamon, enjoy specialty coffees like cappuccino, café au lait, or frappe, or spend quality time with premium coffee?
While coffee is found or served nearly anywhere in developed countries at convenience stores, vending machines, fast food restaurants, and coffee shops like Starbucks, there are quite a few specialty coffee shops that serve premium coffee and time.
One of such high-quality coffee shops in London serves a $64 coffee in a wine glass. The coffee is graded at the highest level by the international competition. It is ground by hand at the table and brewed by an expert and served in a tall wine glass to allow the drinker to enjoy the flavor, just like red wine. If you are to try this premium coffee, you ought to smell, taste, and enjoy it like a coffee connoisseur and never dare to ask for sugar or cream for it.
Enjoy reading the article and learn about what a premium coffee is like.

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