Topic Reading-Vol.3108-10/14/2020

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Topic Reading-Vol.3108-10/14/2020

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2020/10/14 Topic Reading-Vol.3108-10/14/2020

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Covid: The latest on Trump’s health in seven graphics

Everyone in the world knows the US president tested positive for coronavirus, which he downplayed the threat openly before and even after the infection to himself. Very luckily, he seems to have recovered from the deadly virus, thanks to the state-of-art medical treatment and drugs, including the one that had yet to be approved. In other words, doctors had to use such risky drugs to treat him. Though details have not been fully disclosed, he must have suffered from severe symptoms. Also unclear is when and how he was infected. Since he had actively engaged in multiple events with numbers of people who weren’t always wearing masks or keeping social distance, neither the person who infected him nor the number of people he has infected is unclear. Furthermore, since he could be infectious over two weeks, more people could be infected as he goes back to business like before.

If the supreme leader offers a handshake without a mask, how one could decline such a rare privilege?

Read the article and learn about how infectious one could be for coronavirus.

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