Topic Reading-Vol.3195-1/9/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3195-1/9/2021

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2021/01/09 Topic Reading-Vol.3195-1/9/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Over half of Chinese adults overweight, study finds

No matter how healthy the food is, people become overweight and unhealthy if they eat too much or move too little. Sugar-free frozen yogurt may sound healthier than rich vanilla ice cream but if you eat it too much and just sit on a couch gazing at the smartphone for hours, most of the calories absorbed from the yogurt will not be burned and turned into fat. In fact, as more people ride cars and do office work, the ratio of overweight and obese is increasing across the world, and China is no exception.

According to an official report issued last year, more than half of Chinese adults are now overweight. That represents over half a billion people! As more cars are being sold in China than in any other country and more people live in developed cities, motorization and urbanization seem to have added more weight among Chinese people. A few decades ago, bicycle commuters were a symbol of China. But they were replaced by cars and motorbikes. Also, Chinese people are keen to maintain a good yin-yang balance in their food to prevent illness and promote good health. But as people eating out or order delivery foods, they tend to lose balance and add more calories. Because of the sheer size of the population and the growing urban population, overweight may become a serious health and wellness problem in China.

Enjoy reading the article and learn about the overweight problem in China.

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