Topic Reading-Vol.3341-6/4/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3341-6/4/2021

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2021/06/04 Topic Reading-Vol.3341-6/4/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Amazon offers ‘wellness chamber’ for stressed staff

Looks like a confinement room in the middle of a warehouse. However, it is not meant for punishment but for relaxation. There are hundreds of thousands of workers working 24/7 in Amazon’s fulfillment centers (FC). They work with machines, robots, and colleagues to receive, stock, pack, and ship boxes all over the places. Though they aren’t exposed to skin-burning sunlight or freezing outside temperatures like construction workers, they get stressed doing the same work every day. So, one of the most valued companies unveiled “Wellness Chambers” in their fulfillment centers to relieve or ease the stress their precious workers get from their work. Well, meditation facilities, equipment, and practice are becoming common among IT companies whose employees are working under constant stress and pressure. So, why not for their warehouse workers? Do the employees have to book in advance or wait in line to use the booth? Unfortunately, the details aren’t provided as the company deleted the post after being ridiculed by netizens.

Please be reminded that Amazon fulfillment center workers have recently gotten or will get a pay raise beyond the federal minimum wage requirement levels in addition to the company-wide bonus.

Enjoy reading the article and learn about Amazon’s attempt to ease workers’ stress.

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