Topic Reading-Vol.3345-6/8/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3345-6/8/2021

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2021/06/08 Topic Reading-Vol.3345-6/8/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Homes set to be heated by sewage plants in future

It is a simple thought. Why not using the discharged heat from industries and incineration to warm buildings and homes? For example, data centers are discharging warm air constantly at a temperature of nearly 50c Celsius on cold winter days. If the warm air is captured and piped to other buildings and homes, it will save substantial energy to heat them and help reduce heat carbonization. The idea of district heating networks can be established in certain districts where there are many buildings that can get heat from nearby heat sources. Actually, London has already initiated a pilot project to harvest warmth from the Tube (subway) for a heat network. Since district heating requires area planning and development, inter-district cooperation is the key to success. And of course, the sooner the better as warm air is being discharged every minute unused.

Enjoy reading the article and learn about what district warming is about.

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