Topic Reading-Vol.3416/8/18/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3416/8/18/2021

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2021/08/18 Topic Reading-Vol.3416/8/18/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

Innovation to drive early cancer screening industry in China

Cancer screening means looking for cancer before symptoms appear, when cancer may be easier to treat. Several screening tests have been used to detect cancer early and to reduce the chance of dying from that cancer, such as physical exams, laboratory tests, imaging tests, and biopsy (remove and examine sample tissue, cells, or fluid from the body). In China, about 10,000 cancer patients are diagnosed each day. Even though early detection and intervention are critical to treat cancers effectively and reduce mortality, roughly 70% of those who are diagnosed for the first time are already in the middle or late stage. Now, the Chinese authorities and finance market are both trying to support high-tech startups that are developing cancer screening technologies to detect certain cancers earlier and more easily than traditional testing methods. With China’s innovative technologies and forward-looking mindsets along with lucrative financing, the early cancer screening industry is expected to grow fast to save more lives.

Enjoy reading the article and learn about another new technology drive in China.

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