Topic Reading-Vol.3525-12/5/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3525-12/5/2021

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2021/12/05 Topic Reading-Vol.3525-12/5/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

More than 1.4 million sit for civil service exam

Chinese civil service personnel has been selected by competitive examinations. It started as early as in the Tang dynasty (618–907) in the jinshi exams, which tested a candidate’s knowledge of the Confucian Classics. It gradually became the major method of recruitment into the bureaucracy and eventually took over the old aristocracy. Even though there are millions of jobs in private sectors in today’s China, civil service jobs are still highly demanded. On the last Sunday in November, the national civil service exams were held for recruitment next year in China. It attracted over 1.4 million test takers for 31,200 jobs. On average, only one in 46 test-takers can pass the exam. The number of test-takers increased by 40% from the previous year largely due to the promising prospects and job security of civil servants especially when the future is becoming more uncertain due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Unlike the ancient jinshi exams, which assessed mainly the knowledge of the test takers, today’s exams have different focus and requirements on different jobs. Indeed, exams are fair to everyone. But how reliable is a paper test to find qualified candidates for the job?

Enjoy reading the article and learning about China’s massive national exam.

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