Topic Reading-Vol.3535-12/15/2021

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Topic Reading-Vol.3535-12/15/2021

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2021/12/15 Topic Reading-Vol.3535-12/15/2021

Dear MEL Topic Readers,

New Zealand to ban cigarettes for future generations

Many countries have a minimum age to buy or smoke cigarettes. As for New Zealand, the nation’s legal smoking age is 18, and only 13% of adults smoke now. But this health-conscious nation is moving a step further ahead to reduce smokers. It is going to ban the sale of cigarettes to those who were and will be born after 2008, or those who are 14 years old now or younger. Good news for parents but bad news for cigarettes sellers. It sounds like banning conventional gasoline engine vehicles to switch to more environmentally-friendly alternatives. Over time, the nation’s cigarettes market will disappear. The country is also going to reduce the number of shops that are authorized to sell cigarettes from 8,000 to fewer than 500. Quite progressive. Some people are concerned about the emergence of the black market, though. In the meantime, though it is still warned as harmful for health, vaping, or smoking e-cigarettes will still be permitted as it is regarded to help quit more harmful cigarette smoking. Will chewing gum become more popular in New Zealand?

Enjoy reading the article and think if a plurality of voters or representatives in your country will support this sort of progressive legislation for health or the environment?

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